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    Hello, I’ve just soft launched my site after many headaches and have a list of questions/fixes etc. If you could help with the below I’d be very grateful thanks.

    Please note, I am using a child theme with custom css, however when I switch to standard with no custom css I still have issues.

    1. I’m getting mobile menu scrolling issues on my iPhone, it changes depending on page, but basically I can scroll up and down after hitting the menu, and sometimes it does not appear in the center of the screen on some pages.

    2. The menu background colour seems to be dependent on the page bg color, If I set a static background colour, the menu is that colour. This makes the scrolling issue more noticeable. Is there anyway to make the menu the same colour every page?

    3. The individual menu items load in a jarring way. Ie. the page loads, then the menu animates down as it should, but then each item pops up abruptly without fading. Is there a way to make them fade in or animate down with the rest of the header? Note: this happens sometimes, not all the time.

    4. Using the gallery template with images, is there a way to have the images animate in?

    I have also noticed many other bugs which I have found workarounds for, I can list these if you want, but for now the ones above are my main concern. Let me know if you would like a login and I can arrange. Thanks!

    Site is https://raisedbysnakes.com



    1. Could you leave an issued website URL? thanks

    2. Please paste the custom CSS code to “Appearance > Customize: Additional CSS”:
    .show_mobile_menu #header , .show_mobile_menu .menu-panel {background-color:#333333; }

    3. I don’t understand this question. Could you leave a screenshot or video to explain it? Thanks

    4. There isn’t an animation option for the gallery template. It isn’t possible by custom CSS either


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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