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    Hey there,

    At first thanks for your support Bwsm. we have reached a beta status for now and we will soon be able to publish the page officially.

    I have two notes regarding the Custom Grid:

    1. When you select a filter, it somehow takes some scrolling to load the projects regarding the selected filter. This behaviour is a little weird. Some visitors might not scroll up and down a few times to load all thumbnails. If you do that, the grid is loaded after a while.

    Maybe there should a function, that the whole grid items should be loaded, as soon as you select a filter ? The same function that is executed when you reach the bottom of the page ? when it loads more projects ?

    2. If you click on a filter, the grid rearranges – IF you click on the filter again, it sometimes happens, that the first 2 items somehow disappear ?! But this bug is hard to reproduce every time.

    At the end, I would welcome a method to load all projects of the custom grid immediately, instead of waiting to scroll to the bottom, to load more. Since this is leading to misfunction when you select a filter, before you scrolled to the very bottom of the portfolio / loaded all Grid Item Thumbnails.

    Thanks for your ideas and helpon this Bwsm.



    Hi Paul, welcome 🙂

    1. Please change the /js/custom.theme.js :
    under themeData.win.load(function(){:

    diable scrolled animation

    note: clean the browser cache to test the code.

    2. I didn’t find the issue, please test the changed code if there is the issue.
    Which device os and browser you tested?

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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