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    The AIR theme appears to be cropping the thumbnails it creates when an image is uploaded to WordPress because its default aspect ratio is not one I typically use. I’m guessing this has something to do with Masonry. Is there any way to override this cropping so that my thumbnails and feature images match the actual pictures in my posts?




    Did you talk the portfolio template? Which “template” you use?

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    Thanks for your response,

    I am referring to the portfolio templates / category templates / homepage templates when using Grid or Masonry grid. It seems that when I upload images to WordPress, the theme is cropping images to certain ratios when it resizes them. I don’t see any option to display thumbnails that match the native aspect ratio of the featured images.

    I think the crops are specifically calculated so that the images fit together when using masonry. The theme creates wide and tall vertical crops that will span two columns or two rows and create a nice interlocking shape. It also creates a “normal” size of thumbnail that’s approximately 8.5 x11 (it seems to be a non-standard ratio).

    4×6 ratio is pretty standard in photography, but for the images are cropped to this non-standard ratio for the “normal” thumbnail, meaning it cuts off the sides of my images. As a photographer and graphic artist I find this non-standard crop extremely annoying.

    My question is, how can I change the default images to be 4×6 ratio?

    Also, is there any way to display the thumbnails on the portfolio and category pages at the native ratio of the featured images?

    Love the theme and appreciate your help!


    A couple follow ups: I figured out that the ratio being used for the Grid and Masonry Grid is 4×3. I also figured out that I can select “Masonry” to display the thumbnails at their native ratios.

    I would still like to know how I can set the normal thumbnail size for Grid / Masonry Grid to 3×2 / (aka standard 4×6 photography ratio), rather than 4×3).




    All image cropped rule is in /functions/theme/theme-admin:

    	add_image_size('airtheme-imagebox-thumb', 400, 400, true);
    	add_image_size('airtheme-standard-thumb', 650, 9999);
    	add_image_size('airtheme-standard-thumb-medium', 1000, 9999);
    	add_image_size('airtheme-standard-thumb-big', 2000, 9999);
    	add_image_size('airtheme-image-thumb', 800, 450, true);
    	add_image_size('airtheme-image-thumb-1', 650, 650, true);
    	add_image_size('airtheme-thumb-43-big', 2000, 1500, true);
    	add_image_size('airtheme-thumb-43-medium', 1000, 750, true);
    	add_image_size('airtheme-thumb-43-small', 650, 490, true);
    	add_image_size('airtheme-thumb-83-big', 2000, 750, true);
    	add_image_size('airtheme-thumb-83-medium', 1000, 375, true);
    	add_image_size('airtheme-thumb-83-small', 656, 246, true);
    	add_image_size('airtheme-thumb-23-big', 1000, 1500, true);
    	add_image_size('airtheme-thumb-23-medium', 656, 984, true);
    	add_image_size('airtheme-thumb-23-small', 330, 495, true);

    You could change it. But it will not affect for existed images.

    The image size most be used in in /functions/interface/interface-function.php
    like: image size

    Hope it helps you!

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