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    For these WordPress themes: Bee / Aside / Real / Blogary / Mellow / Upfront / Theone :
    Log in your wp-admin, go to Theone(Bee, Aside …) / Theme Optoins

    For Za theme:
    Activate the necessary plugins: BM pagebuilder
    Log in your wp-admin, go to: Appearance / Theme Options

    2) One-click-import:
    Click “Import Demo Data” :

    Demo data one click

    There will a popup, click Agree, wait a while. It will tip Import successful.


    Or you could use “Import My Saved Data”, there is a little difference from “Import Demo Data”, you could use this button to import the real demo images(not placeholder images):

    Demo data import

    Click “choose file”,
    Demo data, pick up xml
    Pick up the xml file, you could find the xml in /functions/theme/ folder(download demo data here: Theone, Bee, Aside, Center, Real, Upfront, Blogary, Mellow, Za)
    Click “Upload file and import”

    The page will be shown, set author and attachment, click submit:
    Demo data

    Note: you may have to repeat the Import step until all demo content import.


    If the themes included Revolution Slider plugin(Aside/Theone/Za), the demo date of Revolution Slider need to be imported manually :

    1) Find the Revolution Slider demo data file in main zip file (or download here: Theone, Aside, Za )

    2) Login wp-admin, go to “Slider Revolution”:

    Revolution Slider

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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