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    Hey there,

    me again. I was just wondering if you might want to consider a drag & drop function for the “Gallery Layout Builder” in a future update, if this is possible somehow.

    I am building a very complex layout on a page (see picture below) and it’s a little frustrating that if you see that you might want to change or have to add something in the middle, then you have to pass your changes down to EVERY line afterwards. A simple drag and drop of the layout columns would be perfect for this.

    Just saying, since it would improve the usability immensely.

    The “Page Builder”, which supports drag n drop, didnt’ work good for me in that case. It can’t handle Images in big sizes, since it wil display it in original pixel sizes (which of course isn’t responive / mobile-friendly). Which doesn’t lead near the layout i like and which i am getting from the “Gallery Layout Builder”.

    Hope to see this feature in the future. Otherwise, good work on the template and thanks for your help and support Bwsm.



    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the great suggestion. We talked about the drag&drop builder(like Custom Portfolio) within gallery post when we started to design the theme. But there are some questions that we can’t solve. We’ll talk about your suggestion again carefully. But be honest, I don’t know if we can add it, at least in short time, it is not possible.

    Did you try this layout with PageBuilder(use some Single Image mods):


    The image ratio in each should be same.
    Please try to add the custom css(Appearance / Theme Options / Custom Css) :
    .single-image-img {max-width:100%;}

    Bwsm – uiueux.comTwitterFacebook

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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