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    Hi! I am almost done with my website: http://www.sorinav.com and I am having a few issues, hopefully you can help me with them.

    1. The dark/light feature on your theme doesn’t seem to be working. IE the homepage is set either to dark or light and no matter what only the white logo and menu show up. I am having the same issue with other pages as well.

    2. I have a line to the right of my logo that says “is a graphic designer freelancing in Los Angeles” and I want that to be to the right of my logo but the ‘content from the top’ feature doesn’t seem to be working (it only works sometimes) so there is a lot of top padding between that statement and the top of the page. I want it to read like a sentence (logo) (is a graphic designer freelancing in LA) (menu)

    3. The NEXT / PREVIOUS tabs for the fullwidth slider portfolio pages are confusing in terms of UX. People will thing its the next image and not go through the slider. Is there anyway we can make the arrows more prominent rather than just having it as a mouse scroll?

    4. On all of my portfolio pages there is a /ux-portfolio/xprojectname permalink that I can’t get rid of even though it is not in the menu

    5. Can I add a next project to each one of my portfolio pages without having to manually insert the link for the next project?

    6. In my menu I would like the pages “about” and “resume” to open up in a new tab rather than leave the website

    7. Can I also add a second column in the portfolio page section where I describe the project so it can include the client: x and people who worked on the project? or is that only possible in meta tags?

    Thank you! sorry I am having a hard time with the theme.




    1. Please make sure the “Logo & Menu Skin on Header”(Appearance > Theme Options > Colors : Others) is Dark

    2. Please edit the page, OFF the “Show Title Wrap”: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9frwin3y3sl2edm/QQ20180524-104343%402x.jpg?dl=0

    3. The “NEXT / PREVIOUS” could be disable in: Appearance > Theme Options > Layouts: Post Previous & Next On Single Portfolio.
    If disable “NEXT / PREVIOUS” ONLY in Fullscreen slider, please go to Appearance > Customize, paste the custom css code to “Additional CSS” box.
    .ux-slider-down ~ .post-navi-single {display: none;}

    4. Refer: https://seatheme.net/forums/topic/portfolio-layouts-for-blogstyle-posts-without-the-ux-portfolio-url/#post-14869

    5. There is only the option to show “Next/Prev”.

    6. Please set “Open link in a new tab” for “About” item in Appearance > Menus
    Open link in a new tab

    7. Do you talk the portfolio list page or single portfolio?
    For single portfolio, there is “Property” option:

    If it doesn’t work, please send your question and wp-admin(url/user/pass) to uiueux@gmail.com, I’ll log in to check it.

    Bwsm – uiueux.comTwitterFacebook

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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