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    I have images around 3300 x 2550px 300dpi ~4MB that I wish to insert into the Gallery Slider. I realize these are huge and well over the recommended thumbnail sizing, but is there any way to accommodate them for the slider? Resizing them requires resampling and massive loss of visual data. When I upload these images to WordPress, the media thumbnails are not generated and they are not insertable by the slider. When I upload resized versions closer to 800 x 600px they function perfectly. However, they won’t work slightly outside that margin even at ~1000px width. I am wondering, if the slider thumbnails are scaling by browser window size, if there is something else that might be preventing the use of these larger images.

    Something that confuses me, an image that works is 530 x 800px ~300KB and can generate arnold thumbnails for arnold-thumb-169, 11, and 43-medium(1000 x 750) but not for 43-big(2000×1500) or any of the arnold-standard-thumbs

    Thank you for your help!

    *Solved: I guess I’m an idiot. I changed the default WordPress thumbnail restrictions to 4000 x 4000px and used a Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. It seems I can use all large images now in the slider.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 10 months ago by kaneidentity.
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