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    clare nattress

    Hello, website link ….. https://clare-nattress.com

    Every time I create a ‘post’ I can choose where these posts go through ticking categories. One category being directed to my Sketchbook and one to my Homepage. Despite choosing and clicking which category, my posts are all going onto my Sketchbook page and not the homepage.

    Homepage shows artworks (I’m am wanting to post more artworks)
    Sketchbook page shows blogposts.

    I’m not sure if the Homepage has a limit of posts that can go on? I’ve tried problem solving a lot and cannot seem to figure it out.



    Did you mean that the new posts should be shown both on the homepage and Sketchbook page?

    I checked your website. The homepage is made by the portfolio template. The portfolio template can only show the Gallery format post only.

    The Sketchbook is set as the blog page(in Settings>Reading: Posts page). It cannot only show the Gallery format post. I think it may be causing the issue. Please go to Settings>Reading: Posts page, un-select the “Sketchbook” page


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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