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Air WordPress Theme Documentation

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To use a WordPress theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For information in regard to installing the WordPress platform, please refer to the WordPress Codex here

Video Guide: coming soon...

  1. Extract the package file
  2. After extract the main zip file, you'll see these folders and files:

    • air-theme folder - Air theme folder
    • - Air themem installable file
    • Documentation folder - help file
    • - Child theme installable file
    • plugins folder - The plugins installable file
    • Log folder
  3. Install theme file
  4. This template works well for WordPress 4.5.x - 5.0.x, update yours if needed.
    Installing the theme can be done in 3 ways. You can upload the theme ZIP file using the built in WordPress theme upload, or copy the files through an FTP client.

    • Using the Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin: Please refer this post.
      Note: How to get the API Key of themeforest(new version)? Refer this post.

    • Using WordPress Theme Upload:
      Be sure to extract the file "" from the ThemeForest download before uploading. Using the ThemeForest ZIP file directly will result in a "Missing Style Sheet" error.
      • Login to your WordPress admin.
      • In the "Appearance > Themes" menu click the tab "Install Themes".
      • At the top of the page click, "Upload", then click the file input to select a file.
      • Select the zipped theme file, "", and click "Install Now".
      • After installation you will receive a success message confirming your new install.
      • Click the link "Activate".
    • Using FTP:
      • Login to your FTP server and navigate to your WordPress themes directory.
      • Normally this would be "wp-content/themes".
      • Extract folder "air-theme" from the zipped theme.
      • Copy the folder "air-theme" to your themes directory.
      • After the files finish uploading, login to your WordPress admin.
      • In the "Appearance" menu click "Themes".
      • Click "Activate" for the theme "Air Lightweight Portfolio WordPress Theme".
  5. Plugins Installation

    After activating the theme, you would notice the message box on the top of admin pages to ask you install/activate some plugins, you could use them for free or cancel the messages. Include: BM Pagebuilder, BM Shortcodes, Contact Form 7 ...


    • Click Begin installing plugins in this message.
    • You could check all required plugins, if you don't use Twitter/Contacct Form module, you could not insltall Contact Form 7 and Rotating Tweets:


    Note: Please install/activate the BM Pagebuilder plugin before import demo data.

  6. Import Demo Data
    • Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Import Demo Data, click "Import Demo Data". After importing data, you'll find the images of demo data are placeholder, you could replace them as yours later.

      Import Demo Data

    • For WooCommerce demo data, please install the "Product Import Export for WooCommerce" plugin(get it here), go to WooCommerce > Product Im-Ex, click "Import Projucts". Choose the "woocommerce-product.csv"(get it here).

    • When you finish the demo data importing, please update the google font data(Appearance > Theme Options > Font Settings):

      Import Demo Data

To set up logo for your website, you need to:

  1. Go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Go to "Appearance > Theme Options" (on left sidebar).
  3. Go to Theme Options > General Settings > Logo section, here you could upload a logo image or input logo text.

The recommended logo image size is less than 240px(width) * 120px(hight) in on header, this is the container size. If you want the logo be displayed clearly on retina screens, you need to upload a double size image logo(e.g. 480px x 320px).

2. Skin

The predefined colour scheme for your website, please go to ThemeOptions > Schemes

There are many detail colour setting options for every scheme, you could define your own style base on the given scheme setting. Click on the small icon "?" on the right side description for every item to learn detail explanation for the option.

3. Frontpage

To set up the homepage, you need to create a page which you want to use it as homepage, after that, go to Settings > Reading , activate A static page (select below) , select the page from Front page: drop-down menu.

set frontpage

4. Generate New Thumbs for This Theme

If there have been some images in your site already, please click the button. It will generate the right size thumbs for the images.

Before building your custom menu, you need to create your pages first, then navigate to Appearance > Menus, it is recommended to create you menu from Pages or Links.

6. Theme Custom

If you want to change style of theme, please go to ThemeOptions > General Settings, put your css code to Cutom Css box.
You could also use Child theme also, put the cutom css to custom.css file. Refer more about child theme

On admin panel the left hand, click "Appearance > Theme Options" to enter Theme Options

From Theme Options, you could:

To create a new post, go to Posts > Add New from the admin panel. (refer to this article)

Post/add new

Each post should be set one category at least. You could set category to organize your posts. For the feature of this theme - "Page Template" (Portfolio List), it should list the posts within which category.


You could set "Featrued Image" for posts, the featured image could be shown on top of gallery post(part of templtes):

Post/Featured Image

Or in Portfolio list:

Post in List/Featured Image

7 Post Formats

The theme provide 7 formats for your post, theses formats would affect the layout of your post in list and content page. You need the to click on the radio button to change the format for a post:

Post Formats

Go to Pages / Add New, you could build all kind of pages you like.

Page/add new

There are 4 options for page template:

Page Template

Portfolio Page

Pleae check video guide:

Static Page

You could create a static page (such as Contact, About ...) by "No Template" option, we suggest you use the Page Builder to build this kind of page if you need a little complex layout(refer to Page Builder).

Please go to WordPress Admin Panel: BM Slider > Add New. If you don't see the optoin, please go to Appearance / Install Plugins to install BM Slider plugin(refer).

The theme provide drag & drop page builder for your pages, press the button "Switch to Page Builder" to enable it. Following is a brief introduction for the page builder:

Activate Page builder
1. Wraps

The modules could be placed directly into the panel or be dragged into a wrap, depending on your layout. A standard wrap have the same width with page content.

Fullwidth Wrap

A fullwidth wrap have the following features:


2. Modules
3. Save and Load templates

Once you have build a layout via the page builder, and you want to clone them to other page/posts, you could save the current layout to a template and load then in the other page/post page builder section.

When you edit the text via a text editor, you could use Short Code to add some advanced elements to your page/post:

If you don't see the icon(green plus), please go to Appearance > Install Plugins to install BM Shortcodes plugin.

Following are the short-code elements this theme support:

1. Tranlate

To translate the static strings of theme, it is recommended to install the free Loco Translate WordPress plugin here(check the DOC). The default pot file "air-theme.pot" is in /air-theme/languages/ folder.


It is recommend to use the popular WPML wp plugin if you want to make a multi-languages site:

2.1 Translate the Pagebuilder
  1. Install the plugin Translation-Management. Go to WPML/Translation-Management”, make sure “Translation manualy” selected
  2. Created a new page(make sure under default language), set to Pagebuilder editor, put in some Pagebuilder modules, click publish
  3. Check ‘Duplicate’ checkbox and click on “Duplicate” button (see the screenshot below) at the right sidebar. “Duplicate” button will be displayed after checking of checkbox. Click the pencil icon to translate the page

    ZA wordpress theme - translate the Pagebuilder ZA wordpress theme - translate the Pagebuilder

  4. When you edit the the page on non-default language, plz click “Translate independently” button at the right sidebar. Otherwise all your translations can be replaced by default content

    ZA wordpress theme - translate the Pagebuilder

  5. Please don't use orgin modules, please clone or create new one module to edit for copied pages. (refer video guide)
2.2 To translate the copyright information, Comment title and so on, please:
  1. Install the plugin WPML String Translation.
  2. Go to left menu: WPML/String translation
  3. Find the following string:
  4.     [ux_theme_option]theme_option_copyright

  5. Click on the “translations” on the right side of every string item, enter the target translated words, check on “Translation is complete" and save it.

We strongly recommend that you use Autoptimize to optimize page speed, it is totally free WordPress plugin, it is very easy to use.
Check the 3 options:

Autoptimize plugin
Uncheck the "Also aggregate inline CSS?" option under advanced settings.

Please activate this plugin after finishing site creation, or the cache would disturb the custom work(custom css/js).

  1. Javascript files
    1. main.js - main js plugins:
    2. jquery.jplayer.min.js - js/jquery.jplayer.min.js - HTML5 media player plugin
    3. custom.theme.js - js/custom.theme.js - Air theme main js
  2. CSS files
    1. Bootstrap 3.3.5 - styles/bootstrap.css - Bootstrap layout
    2. Owl carousel 2.0.0 - styles/owl.carousel.css - Owl carousel plugin css
    3. Photoswipe 4.1.1 - styles/photoswipe.css - PhotoSwipe plugin css
    4. style.css - style.css - Air theme main css

Once again, thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to publish your question here.